How to Drive in Rain?

August 5, 2019/

It can be challenging to drive while it’s raining—you have to be extra careful. Below are the things you should keep in mind when driving during rainy days:


If you're on the road in your car and rain hits—you should:

Step 1 : Slow Down Vehicle

Always slow down and don’t ever be impatient.

Step 2 : Cooperate with the fellow drivers

Always cooperate with the fellow drivers—as there might be chances of traffic occurrences.

Step 3 : Turns on the headlights to see

Always turns on the headlights—to see and be seen clearly.

Step 4 : Apply brakes smoothly

Do not hasten the brakes—as roads are slippery.

Step 5 : Use wipers

Turn on the wipers.

Step 6 : Clean the windshield with a paper

Stop aside and clean the windshield with a paper if it is difficult to see—make sure to keep your vision blur-free.

Step 7 : Stop if rain is heavy

Always pause if the rain goes heavy.

Step 8 : Do not overtake in rain

Always be in your lane—do not overtake while it’s raining.

Step 9 : Be focused and careful

Always be fully focused and extra careful.

Step 10 : Drive away from collected water

Never drive through the collected water—it can affect other cars and bring them at risks.

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