What is ABS?

August 6, 2019/

Anti-lock Braking System or ABS is a technology function to provide a safer driving by preventing the car from skidding. Prior its usage was limited to aircraft, but today this feature is there in almost every modern car.

How ABS operates and its usefulness?

The operation of this advancement follows the below procedure:

Step 1 : The role of sensors

Each wheel has a sensor that observes them, and if the sensors report any unusual encounter, they release the brake optimally and momentarily.

Step 2 : ABS keeps operating the wheels

Then the ABS keeps operating the wheels braking until they come back to normality.

Step 3 : Help driver to control vehicle

It helps the car to be in the driver’s control at all times in all conditions.



Having ABS doesn’t mean you drive straight into the wall and the car stops by an inch automatically. This system designed for emergencies and unwanted and unexpected situations. You must be careful and alert all the while you drive no matter what technology the car possesses.