What is EBD?

November 14, 2019/

Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) considered one of the important safety technology in cars. It is consists of electronic or hydraulic technology which varies the pressure which is applied to the brakes and has a safe braking performance at the time of emergencies. It is concerned with the force applied on the wheels, road conditions, speed, and other related factors.

What is the difference between EBD and ABS?

Nowadays, every car comes with some standard things like ABS and airbags in order to ensure safety but EBD is not available in every car present. It has main function to avoid injuries or accidents and avoid the car from getting skids. EBD is paired with the ABS and it can also sense the difference which takes place in the wheels, road conditions, etc.


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The ABS has become very common nowadays and almost available in every car which does not lower the price of the vehicle at the time of resale.

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